Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the program objective?

The objective of the AgriInsurance (formerly Production Insurance and Crop Insurance) program is to mitigate the financial impacts of production losses by providing affordable insurance protection and by offering reinsurance.

2.  What are the expected results of the program?

AgriInsurance will minimize production and asset losses caused by severe but uncontrollable natural hazards. Some examples of possible eligible perils are drought, flood, wind, frost, excessive rain, heat, snow, uncontrolled disease, insect infestations and wildlife. Producers get a payment when they experience a production loss during the year.

3.  Is the program a new, existing or transition program?

The AgriInsurance program was introduced at the beginning of fiscal year 2007-08; its predecessors have existed since the late 1950s.

4.  When will the program be available, end or transition?

The AgriInsurance program is currently available in all provinces (not including territories).

5.  Who should apply for the program?

The program is currently available to most producers in all provinces. Eligibility criteria for this program, as established at the provincial level, will continue to evolve as provinces add new commodities to their lists of insurable agricultural products. For details on the plans available in a specific province, go to the Contact Information section for a list of links.

6.  What funding is available?

Premiums for AgriInsurance coverage are cost-shared between the producer, the province and the federal government.

7.  Who will deliver the service?

Each province currently has either a Crown Corporation or a branch of the provincial agriculture department responsible for administering the AgriInsurance program. For a list of provincial contacts, go to the Contact Information section.

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