Contact centre statistics

The goal of the Contact Centre is to answer 90% of calls received within 60 seconds

Calendar year:

AgriStability processing statistics

Our goal is to process 75% of completed applications within 75 days of receipt.

AgriStability statistics for where Canada delivers as of: November 26, 2017.

Program years:

AAFC is committed to developing and delivering client-focused, results-based programs and services. Performance against service standards will be tracked and the results will be made available to clients on a quarterly basis.

AgriStability is delivered in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Yukon by the federal government. The information on this website refers to deadlines and other delivery details for these provinces only.

If you are in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, or Prince Edward Island, AgriStability is delivered provincially. Please visit your respective provincial administration using the links above.

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