Greenhouse Vegetables Implementation Projects


Project CodeProject Title
 PRR17-030 Survey of resistance to fungicides in cucumber downy mildew
 BPR15-041 Integrated management of Botrytis grey mould in greenhouse tomato incorporating the biopesticide Botector
PRR16-050 Infection Pathways in Cucumber Downy Mildew
BPR14-050 Evaluation of Problad Plus for the management of grey mold in greenhouse peppers
BPR12-050 Evaluation of SorbiShield90 (Sorbitol Octanoate) for the management of thrips in greenhouse cucumbers
BPR12-060 Evaluation of Organocide for the management of powdery mildew in greenhouse cucumber
BPR11-020 Evaluation of CLO1 for management of grey mold on greenhouse tomato
BPR11-050 Evaluation of naturalis-L for management of thrips on greenhouse pepper
BPI10-010 Design of a commercial dispenser for delivery of biocontrol agents in greenhouse by bee pollinators
BPI07-040 Development of formulation technology for biofungicides for greenhouse tomato, cucumber and pepper crops
BPI07-180 Efficacy evaluation of microencapsulated new strains of Trichoderma and Bacillus from Cornell University for controlling powdery mildew on greenhouse cucumbers
BPI06-090 Development and evaluation of Paenibacillus polymyxa PKPB1 as a biofungicide for greenhouse cucumbers and peppers
BPI06-120 Essential oils formulations for the control of mites, insects, and diseases on greenhouse ornamental and vegetable crops
BPI06-180 Assessment of Baculovirus Agents for Cabbage Looper Control in Greenhouses
MUR06-080 Potential side-effects of fungicides on natural enemies and pollinators used in greenhouse vegetable production
MUR06-110 Evaluation of various reduced-risk products for management of powdery mildew in greenhouse cucumber, tomato and pepper
MUR06-300 Using bees to vector fungal control agents and plant health inoculums for arthropod and plant pathogen control
PRR06-590 Evaluation of spray pruners for target delivery of fungicides to tomato leaf cut-wounds to control botrytis stem canker
PRR06-930 Two alternative strategies for looper management in greenhouse vegetables
MU03-ENT5 Using bee pollinators as a novel means for vectoring Beauveria bassiana to crops for pest control
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