Soybean Implementation Projects


Project CodeProject Title
PRR13-040 Production of a field guide on pest and beneficial insects and mites of field crops in western Canada
PRR11-080 Upgrading the content and delivery of the web-based weed management tool
BPI10-020 Management of Fusarium diseases in field crops with a new biopesticide
BPI09-070 Biological control of fusarium root rot and seedling blight of soybean in Ontario
PRR07-010 Impact on the spatio temporal distribution of weeds in a decision support system for applying herbicides to soya corn; and update
PRR07-490 Sustainable management of the soybean aphid with biological control agents and reduced risk- and bio-pesticides
PRR06-380 Determining the minimum biologically effective dose of herbicides for weed control in corn-soybean rotations
PRR06-490 Pesticide risk reduction in soybeans by comparing conventional, organic and IWM systems and soybean cultivar traits
PRR06-520 Detection and tracking of airborne rust spores as an information tool for pesticide-reduction strategies
PRR06-940 Canadian Soybean Aphid Information and Education Package - Field Scouting Cards and Threshold Postcards
PRR06-950 Development of a web-based tool to improve grower knowledge and adoption of reduced risk management of weeds in corn and soybean
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