Field Vegetables Implementation Projects

Project CodeProject Title
PRR17-030 Survey of resistance to fungicides in cucumber downy mildew
PRR16-010 Early detection, monitoring and management of herbicide resistant weeds in field vegetables
PRR16-030 Integrated Weed Management: on-farm demonstration of recommended cover-cropping techniques for weed management in cucurbit (squash) production
PRR16-040 Best Management Practices for Downy Mildew in Cucumber
PRR16-050 Infection Pathways in Cucumber Downy Mildew
PRR15-020 Species survey and testing of resistance to chlorpyrifos in Delia species in brassica vegetable growing areas in Canada
PRR14-010 Evaluating row covers for early season management of cabbage maggot in brassica vegetable crops
PRR14-030 Literature review on the background, the control practices, and Integrated Pest Management strategies available for sustainable management of downy mildew in cucumber production
PRR12-020 Development of a cover crop selection decision-making tool for vegetable production in Eastern Canada
PRR11-030 Cover crops and zone tillage for reduced risk weed management in field vegetables in Eastern Canada
PRR10-220 Row covers as physical barriers in brassica vegetable crops to control cabbage maggot
PRR10-010 Review of published literature on applications of cover crops as part of integrated weed management systems in field vegetable crop production in Canada
BPI09-030 Management of downy mildew on cucumber with biopesticides
PRR09-050 Development and demonstration of a multi-tactical Integrated Pest Management toolbox for cabbage maggot in Brassica crops
BPI08-010 Biological control of soil insect pests in field crops
SCR07-001 Crop Group #4 herbicide screening trial
MUR06-100 Reduced risk herbicides for horticultural crops in organic soils: supplemental registration data & herbicide screening
MUR06-030 Evaluation of low risk weed management options in snap beans, lima beans, carrots, red beets, pea, and dry bean
MU03-PATHO3 Seed and shoot treatments and the ecology of biological control agents for bacterial and fungal diseases of tomato and pepper
MU03-WEED1 Evaluation of low risk weed management options in sweet corn, tomatoes, sugar beets, peppers, cole crops and vine crops
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