Onion Implementation Projects

Project CodeProject Title
 PRR17-010 Survey of Delia species of maggots affecting onion in Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Provinces
PRR14-040 Investigate factors that determine the occurrence of and level of damage from seed corn maggot in key onion production regions of Ontario and Quebec
BPR11-030 Evaluation of Met52 for the control of thrips in onion 
PRR10-030 Release of Diadromus pulchellus for biological control of leek moth 
BPI09-020 Management of onion thrips with biopesticides 
PRR07-190 Implementation of spore trapping network technology combined with improved forecasting systems to manage onion leaf blight at the regional scale
PRR07-300 Raising awareness to pesticide risk reduction on the farm for the benefit of health and the environment
PRR07-350 Identification of efficient sprayer application tools to maximize onion thrips control
BPI06-020 Implementing a biological control agent as a pest management tool against leaf blight of onion
MUR06-100 Reduced risk herbicides for horticultural crops in organic soils: supplemental registration data & herbicide screening
MU03-ENT2 Leek moth, a pest of Allium spp.: pest biology studies and the development of a reduced risk Integrated Pest Management strategy for control
PRR03-360 Biological control of the leek moth, a Pest of Allium spp.
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