Ornamentals Implementation Projects

Project CodeProject Title
BPR14-071 Evaluation of Cyclone for the management of powdery mildew in cut gerbera
BPR14-070 Screening of biopesticides and risk-reduced products for the management of powdery mildew in cut gerbera
BPR13-080 Evaluation of Grandevo for the management of Fletcher scale in yew
BPR12-070 Evaluation of SuffOil-X (paraffinic oil) for the management of thrips in greenhouse ornamentals
BPR12-080 Evaluation of Grandevo (MBI-203) for the control of hairy chinch bugs in turf grass
PRR10-160 Pesticide use and integrated pest management: analysis of the Canadian nursery and landscape industry
SCR08-050 Screening of Fungicides for Needlecast Diseases on Conifers 
BPI06-010 Efficacy trials to demonstrate the performance of FacinTM on ornamentals in greenhouses
MUR06-090 Use of trap plants as a risk reduction control option for thrips on greenhouses ornamentals
BPI06-120 Essential oils formulations for the control of mites, insects, and diseases on greenhouse ornamental and vegetable crops
PRR06-430 Adaptation of Reduced Risk Pest Management Strategies for the Ornamental Nursery Industry in Canada
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