Minor Use Pesticides - Project Status by Crop

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Minor Use Pesticide Projects

Appendix 1

Project Initiated:
This status includes Letter of support received, Pre-Submission Consultation Request (PSCR) submitted, Data requirements issued and planning phase
Data Generation:
At least one study in the project has field or lab in the process of being conducted
Reporting Phase:
All studies within a project are either complete or are being written up
Project Complete:
All data requirements within a project are complete
Data with Registrant for Submission:
The project data has been sent to the registrant for submission
Project Withdrawn:
Support for this project has been withdrawn by the registrant or as a result of a change from the original selected priority
Project On-Hold:
Project is on hold until external issues are resolved
Submitted to PMRA:
Data has been submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for review
PMRA Approved:
The PMRA review is complete and approved the use
Rejected for Use:
The PMRA review is complete but the use is rejected
Registrant Submission:
Data generated by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) was given to registrant for submission
Registrant Submission - Submitted to PMRA:
Registrant submitted data generated by AAFC to PMRA
Registrant Submission - PMRA Approved:
Requested Use was reviewed and approved by PMRA
Clarifying Project:
PMRA has requested clarification on submitted data

Please check with the registrant or PMRA to determine registration status.

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