Project Status by Crop - Minor Use Pesticide Projects

Note: Updated information since August 16, 2017 in the Project Status column is marked with an asterisk. Pests listed in this table are the pests requested at the D.3.1 and not necessarily the pests that will be registered or that were registered.


CropPest(s)ProductActive IngredientProject IdSimplified Project Status
(Submission Status)
Edamame - Soybean (immature seed) Labelled Weeds Pyroxasulfone pyroxasulfone AAFC14-066 Project Complete*
Broadleaf Weeds (BLW) Chateau flumioxazin AAFC15-058 Reporting Phase
Eggplant Mites Acramite 50 WS bifenazate AAFC04-029 Project Complete (PMRA Approved)
Leaf blight (Alternaria solani) Flint 50 WG Fungicide trifloxystrobin AAFC08-083 Project Withdrawn
Mites Kanemite acequinocyl AAFC10-005 Project Complete (PMRA Approved)
Cabbage looper Coragen chlorantraniliprole AAFC10-070 Project Complete (PMRA Approved)
Endive Root rot (Phytophthora cryptogea) Root rot (Phytophthora sp.) Aliette WDG fosetyl-al AAFC03-063 Project Complete (PMRA Approved)
Downy mildew (Peronospora spp.) Quadris Flowable Fungicide azoxystrobin AAFC03-064 Project Withdrawn
Fennel, Florence Early blight,  leaf  (Cercospora apii) Late blight (Septoria apiicola) Flint 50 WG Fungicide trifloxystrobin AAFC08-104 Project Withdrawn
Flax / Linseed Stem rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) Proline 480 SC prothioconazole AAFC08-066 Project Complete (PMRA Approved)
Kochia Redroot pigweed Armezon topramezone AAFC14-045 Project Withdrawn
Labelled Weeds Armezon topramezone AAFC17-046 Project Initiated
Fruiting Vegetable (Crop Group 8) Lepidoptera Inspire difenoconazole AAFC10-065 Project Complete

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