Blueberry Implementation Projects


Project CodeProject Title
BPR13-030 Evaluation of the tolerance of lowbush blueberry to pine oil in the weed management
BPI09-010 Management of lowbush blueberry insect pest (blueberry maggot) with biopesticides
SCR08-020 Screening of fungicides for the control of leaf spot diseases in lowbush blueberry
BPI07-030 Biocontrol of leaf curl in peach and mummy berry of lowbush blueberry using the bacterial biocontrol product Serenade Max (Bacillus subtilis)
BPI07-090 Field application on Metarhizium anisopliae (Met52) for management of root weevils in berry crops
MU03-PATHO4 Microbial biocontrol for foliar blight (Monilinia and Botrytis) of lowbush blueberry and fruit rot (Phomopsis and Fusicoccum) of cranberry
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