Pulse Implementation Projects

Project CodeProject Title
PRR13-040 Production of a field guide on pest and beneficial insects and mites of field crops in western Canada
BPI08-030 On-farm field demonstration of the use biofungicides within an integrated approach to manage Sclerotinia diseases in dry bean and canola crops
BPI07-190 Evaluation of non-target safety of a native fungal biocontrol agent under development for control of grasshoppers in pulses and other crops
PRR07-360 Two decision support tools that will target ascochyta blight on chickpeas
PRR07-370 Reducing the use of insecticides for grasshopper control in lentils
BPI06-070 Research and development of a newly discovered, effective grasshopper biocontrol agent found in Canadian Prairie soil
MU03-WEED2 Evaluation of low risk weed management options in dry edible beans and seed corn
MU03-WEED3 Reduced-risk herbicide screening for pulse and oilseed crops
MUR06-030 Evaluation of low risk weed management options in snap beans, lima beans, carrots, red beets, pea, and dry bean
PRR03-200 Developing Cultural and Alternative Tools to Manage Ascochyta blight in Chickpea
PRR03-250 Mechanical weed control in pulse crops
PRR03-380 Impact of forecasting system,biological control agent and fungicide application on white mould of dry bean and canola
PRR03-550 Developing remote sensing tools to map weeds in pulse and canola crops, enable site-specific herbicide application
PRR03-640 Marker-assisted development of dry bean cultivars with resistance to bean common bacterial blight, anthracnose and bean common mosaic virus for reduced use of pesticides
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