Strawberry Implementation Projects


Project CodeProject Title
PRR18-030 Integrated management of root weevil and white grub complex in berry crops
PRR17-040  Development and demonstration of Integrated management of tarnished plant bug and thrips in day-neutral strawberry production
BPR12-020 Evaluation of Naturalis-L for the management of tarnished plant bug in strawberries
BPI07-090 Field application on Metarhizium anisopliae (Met52) for management of root weevils in berry crops
PRR07-300 Raising awareness to pesticide risk reduction on the farm for the benefit of health and the environment
PRR07-530 Development of a synergistic control technology for root weevils in Strawberries
PRR07-800 Weed Management Systems for Strawberries: a project to evaluate and to provide tools to assist growers in adopting alternative strategies
PRR06-080 Evaluation of forecasting systems as fungicide management tools in the control of powdery mildew of strawberry
PRR06-160 Biological Management of Two-spotted Spider Mites and Cyclamen Mites in Strawberry
PRR06-880 Reduced Risk Management of Lygus Plant Bugs in Ontario Strawberry
PRR03-350 Reduced Risk Pest Management for Root Weevils in Berry Crops
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