Directory of biopesticides in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries

The Directory of Biopesticides, developed by AAFC, lists products registered for managing agricultural pests in member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The intent of the Directory is to assist with finding biopesticide products for which the active ingredient may be non-conventional, a microorganism, or a semiochemical (see Biopesticides). Important information on the operation of the database, as well as further background information on the data sources used to compile this directory can be found below.

To access the directory, please use the following link: Biopesticide Database Tool.

Information Sources

Searches of biopesticide products began with accessing web-based, public, and in the case of Homologa, licensed resources. Acquiring product information led to contact with biopesticide manufacturers, distributors, and registrants worldwide with whom product information was verified, and by whom additional products were identified for inclusion in the directory.

For most of the products in this directory, companies were contacted by e-mail, telephone, or fax to confirm:

  • That the product is registered and available,
  • That products listed on manufacturer web sites are all those currently available,
  • The countries of registration, and
  • The availability of the product label.

In some cases, products were regarded as manufactured and available solely on the basis that they were offered for sale on company web sites. When required, non-English product labels were translated to acquire the information for the directory.

Search Strategy and Directory Characteristics

The search functionality of the database was designed in such a way that an over-abundance of products would be returned from queries, letting the user determine which of those products would be relevant. The database was designed in this way i) to avoid the omission of potentially relevant products; and ii) to increase the likelihood of encountering potential products of interest. This was accomplished, in part, by including many generic search terms within the drop-down lists for Target Crop or Use, Target Pest, and Active Ingredient. For example, searching 'Corn' under Target Crop or Use will return all products whose labels contain sweet corn and/or field corn; searching 'Beauveria' under Active Ingredient will return all products whose active ingredient is any species/strain of Beauveria. When a suitable search term does not appear in the drop-down menu, the user can type the term into the text box. To further maximize the number of products returned from a query, the singular form for crop or pest is used almost exclusively in selecting items in the drop-down lists under Target Crop or Use and Target Pest (e.g. 'potato' rather than 'potatoes'; 'aphid' rather than 'aphids').

Search results provide the Product Detail Form, showing formulations, Target Crop or Use, Target Pest, and OECD Registration as pooled for individual products. The 'More Information URL' and 'Example Label URL' will ultimately allow the user to parse the product registrations by crop-pest-country.

The business of biopesticides is dynamic, with product discontinuations, de-registrations, lapsing registrations, company mergers, selling of product rights, and renaming of products occurring on a regular basis. To report errors or suggest the inclusion of additional products not mentioned in the directory please contact Todd Kabaluk at

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