Annex A: Consent to Disclose Personal and/or Business Information

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The purpose of this document is to obtain your written consent for the disclosure of personal information and/or business information to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). With your consent, the Applicant will use this information in or with a Project Application Form that requests funding under the applicable AAFC program.

Use and/or Disclosure

The personal/business information is being collected under the authority of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Act and may be used by AAFC, or disclosed to third parties, to: assess and review the eligibility of the Applicant and the Project under the applicable AAFC program; verify the accuracy of the information provided in or with the Project Application Form; determine eligibility for other AAFC, Government of Canada or provincial programs from which the applicant might benefit; and to evaluate the scope, direction and effectiveness of agricultural programming and research in Canada.

AAFC Treatment of Personal Information and Business Information

The personal information that is released, via this consent, will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act. The business information that is released, via this consent, will be treated in accordance with the Access to Information Act.

You have the right to access the personal information held by AAFC and to request changes to incorrect personal information by contacting the Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator at

Voluntary Consent

The consent provided in this form is voluntary and that one may, without any prejudice to oneself, decline to provide it.

I hereby consent to the provision of my personal information and/or business information by the Applicant

for the purpose of the submission of the Project Application Form for funding to the applicable AAFC program.

Signature (by hand only)

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