2015 Implementation Projects


Project code      Project title Crop
BPR15-020 Development of integrated insect pest management program for fruit orchards incorporating the bioinsecticide Quassia Apple
PRR15-020 Species survey and testing of resistance to chlorpyrifos in Delia species in brassica vegetable growing areas in Canada Brassica vegetables
PRR15-030 Investigation of GF-120 to suppress carrot rust fly populations in Eastern Canada and British Columbia Carrot
PRR15-040 Refining and making accessible to growers a validated dynamic action threshold for cereal aphid control in cereal crops Cereal crops
PRR15-050 Production of a field guide on pest and beneficial insects of Eastern Canadian vineyards with a focus on integrated pest management Grape
BPR14-071 Evaluation of Cyclone for the management of powdery mildew in cut gerbera Ornamentals
BPR14-060 Evaluation of PureSpray Oil 13E for the management of aphids in wasabi plants Specialty crops 
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