Apply Online to the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Component

Before you apply

Please ensure you have all necessary information.

Using the online application form

You may wish to prepare your answers using a word processing program because many questions require lengthy responses. You can save the application form electronically and submit it from its saved location.

You can get help completing the form by clicking the information button located at the top right hand corner of each tab. Instructions for completing the form will open in a separate window.

Computer Requirements

In order to use the online form, you will need to have Adobe Reader 11.0 or above. If you don't have it, please download Adobe Reader now.

Required Documents

An application is considered complete when the following documents have been completed and attached to the application form.

  • Signature of Applicant Authorized Representative: The authorized representative of the applicant must sign this form and attach it to the application project.
  • A copy of the organization's Certificates or Articles of Incorporation: Certificates and Articles of Incorporation are issued and filed, respectively, by or with provincial, territorial or federal government that document the applicant’s status as a legal entity.
  • Annex A - Consent to Disclose Personal and/or Business Information Form: Written consent for the disclosure of third-party personal and business information to AAFC. Third party information is information that is not in the public domain and is submitted about an individual and organization other than the applicant. The department will use this information to assess projects under AAFC program streams. It may also use the information to determine eligibility for other programs and to evaluate agricultural programming.
  • Annex C - Copyright Permission Form: Permission Form to grant AAFC the permission to reproduce or redistribute the whole or any part of documentation provided to third parties. Documentation is reproduced or redistributed in order to assess the application as well as to determine eligibility for other AAFC, Government of Canada or provincial programs from which the Applicant may benefit.
  • Project Endorsement Letters/ Letters of Support (if available, not a requirement): Letters of support from organizations indicating they believe there is a need for the proposed project and expressing hope that the proposed project will be accepted.
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises questionnaire: Note: As part of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) questionnaire, Applicants must show that they have an international market export plan in place, which lays out the context -- strategic objectives, priorities, precise target countries and rationale – for requested funding. This strategy should be based on, and cite, in-depth market research which clearly demonstrates why particular markets are being chosen and how the products represented by the applicant should be strategically positioned in various markets. A description of that plan is required. All project activities should support that plan.

Apply Now

Application form for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (on-screen fillable PDF form, 704 KB)

Technical problems?

If you are having technical problems, please contact 1-877-246-4682 and provide the following information:

  • first and last name
  • phone number
  • description of the problem or error message of the page where you are experiencing the problem
  • computer operating system and version
  • Adobe Reader version
  • Internet browser and version
  • as much information as possible about the steps you took before you experienced the problem

Downloading the Application Form using Google Chrome?

If you are using Google Chrome you may need to perform the additional steps:

  1. Once the file has finished downloading you will see it inside Chrome’s download toolbar at the bottom of the browser, right click on the file and click open.
  2. An adobe white window may open with the following message; the document you are trying to load requires Adobe Reader 8 or higher. You may not have the Adobe Reader installed or your viewing environment may not be properly configured to use Adobe Reader.
    • If you do not have Adobe Reader 11.0 or above, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
    • If you do have the most recent version of Adobe, click on the download arrow icon located on the top right hand corner of the page, this will allow you to save the online Project Application Form directly to your computer.
    • Open the Project Application Form from that saved location.

What happens after I submit my application?

We may contact you for additional information. Once you submit an application:

  1. we will send an acknowledgement email to you;
  2. we will review and assess your application against the parameters and criteria of the program stream to which you have applied; and
  3. we will notify you in writing of final approval or rejection.

Please review our service standards for information on response times.

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