Completed Access to Information Requests, April 2013

Completed Access to Information Requests, April 2013
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A-2012-00114 I would like access the briefing notes identified in the list that accompanies this request. Disclosed in Part 245
A-2012-00116 A listing of all briefing notes/books and deck presentations prepared for the Minister of Agriculture and agri-Food, Hon. Gerry Ritz between the dates of June l, to November 15th, 2012 (no cabinet confidences). Disclosed in Part 88
A-2012-00134 All briefing material to the DM regarding IT security, information management security, and cyber security from Jan. 1, 2012 (to present 2013-03-13). Please provide in electronic format (i.e. CD, PDF) where possible. Please exclude cabinet confidences. Disclosed in Part 75
A-2012-00137 All records (i.e. letters, briefing notes, emails, agendas, minutes, follow-up decisions, and hand written notes) as they relate to the meeting held on February 26, 2013 between the Food and Consumers Products of Canada and Mr Pierre Lemieux, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agiculture. No records exist 0
A-2013-00002 "All Agri-Stability information submitted on behalf of Marie Clive that will affect years 2006, 2007 and 2008." Disclosed in Part 38
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