Completed Access to Information Requests, July 2013

Completed Access to Information Requests, July 2013
Request #SummaryDispositionNumber of Pages
A-2013-00004 Provide 2012, 2013 review, reports on the use of growth hormones in livestock; and as well 2012, 2013 review, reports on ramifications for the export of livestock. Include representations from the livestock (cattle, pork, poultry) industry associations. Include review/reaction to 2013 Ontario Medical Association report requesting a ban on the use of drug growth hormones in livestock. Disclosed in Part 82

We wish, under access to information act, all contracts, correspondence, payments and internal audits on money given to Atwood Pet Foods, or associated companies of Atwood, Ontario. This would be for money given to this company in the failed SRM Destruction Plant, or Slaughter Waste Innovation Program, in or around 2007 and on.

Disclosed in Part 1249
A-2013-00008 All Cannabinoid-based research that has been conducted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) from 1940 to present (April 25, 2013). Disclosed in Part 29
A-2013-00010 Copies of minutes, e-mails and notes from the weekly Management/Director Meetings held at 1130 Morrison Dr., Suite 100 from September 4, 2012 to present (June 7, 2013). Disclosed in Part 362
A-2013-00013 A list of foreign countries that were affected by the XL Foods recall for meat processed at the Brooks, Alberta facility (Establishment 38) on August 24, 27, 28, 29, or September 5, 2012 and, to the extent available, information about the volume of recalled beef that entered the marketplace in the foreign country Disclosed in Part 33
A-2013-00022 Please provide all documents, including emails, dealing with Canada geese at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. I am interested in documents since Feb. 1, 2012, up to receipt of this request (May 28, 2013). Disclosed in Part 354
A-2013-00023 Copy of all records (including but not limited to emails, letters, memos, texts, reports and assessments) about the plant disease called "apple proliferation phytoplasma" in Nova Scotia. Disclosed in Part 145
A-2013-00025 List of briefing notes prepared for the minister from Jan. 4, 2013 to June 5, 2013. Please exclude any material considered to be of cabinet confidence or subject to third-party review.
All disclosed 31
A-2013-00027 The study prepared by SEPW Architecture Inc, completed on December 21, 2012, detailing options regarding the Agroforestry Development Centre. This study was referenced in the reply to Order Paper Question Q-1313 by Mr. Goodale (Wascana) on April 16, 2013. Disclosed in Part 76
A-2013-00029 Provide 2013 briefing notes, reports, analyses, reviews, contingency plans, memos on the short and long term impacts of 2013 research staff cutbacks on various agriculture programs, agriculture sectors, on experimental farms, and on current agriculture research projects. Disclosed in Part 203
A-2013-00031 All documentation and correspondence regarding the department's November 2012 purchase of a subscription to the periodical Blacklock's Reporter, and subsequent use, management and distribution of articles by paper, electronic, intranet or any other method. Disclosed in Part 181
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