Completed Access to Information Requests, June 2013

Completed Access to Information Requests, June 2013
Request #SummaryDispositionNumber of Pages
A-2012-00076 I would like all briefing notes, memos and correspondences prepared in 2012 involving the company XL foods Inc. Disclosed in Part 9100

All and any documentation regarding reports, reviews white papers, briefing notes, memos, decision documents, emails, pins or other documentation from April 1 2011 to Oct.25 2012 regarding:

  1. the decision to discontinue the AAFC Prairie Shelterbelt Program
  2. Decisions to divest the properties and facilities of the AAFC Agro-Forestry Development Center
  3. Decisions and discussions regarding the future of the Agro-Forestry Development Center Research Program.
Disclosed in Part 1496
A-2013-00009 Written, typed or printed papers, organizational charts that bear information related to the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency's organizational changes including but not limited to the current number of positions of the Agency, the title, position number and class of these current positions, and the planned changes for each of these positions and its potential effect on its service delivery from June 1, 2011 to present (June 7, 2013). Disclosed in Part 152
A-2013-00011 All briefing materials to the ADM level and above regarding the cyber security renewal project.  Timeline: Jan. 1, 2013 to present (May 6, 2013).  Please exclude cabinet confidences and records originating from other departments.  All disclosed  23
A-2013-00018 All information on all security-related policies, procedures and technical guidelines within your DepartmentlAgency/Commission/Board/Crown Corp, etc. if they exist. Some of the policy titles may include but are not limited to: Policy on Administrative Investigation, Policy on Security Sweeps, Physical Security Policy, Incident reporting policy, policy on the protection of Senior Executives, Policy on technical Security countermeasures (looking for hidden eavesdropping devices or bugs), Violence in the Workplace policy, Communications Security Policy, the Classification and Designation Guide (the document used to evaluate/establish the security level of various types of documents) and others. All disclosed  803
A-2013-00020 Copies of all Question Period/House cards prepared for the Minister of Agriculture and AgriFood, Hon. Gerry Ritz between the dates of March 1, 2013 to May 1, 2013. Disclosed in Part 221
A-2013-00021 Copy of the code of conduct for employees (both indeterminatet and term) and records such as briefing notes and presentations related to dissemination of the code to staff. The timeframe is from April 1, 2012 to present. Also please exclude Drafts, emails and documents prepared for Cabinet.
All disclosed  412
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