Pest Management Centre: FAQs

Q1: Does the PMC provide pest management advice to farmers or homeowners?
A1. We do not provide advice on pest management. The PMC at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) delivers two programs that improve growers' access to newer, safer pesticides, and to production approaches that reduce reliance on pesticides. Please contact your provincial government specialists for pest management recommendations pertinent to your region.

Q2: What is a 'minor use' pesticide?
A2. There is no internationally accepted definition for minor use. A 'minor use' describes a pesticide registration for which the anticipated volume of sales is not high enough for a manufacturer to justify the costs to register and sell the product in Canada.

Q3: If I want a new minor use of a product registered, who do I contact?
A3: Provincial minor use coordinators assemble lists of needed products which are later considered as grower priorities. Contact your Provincial minor use coordinator for information.

Q4: When does the Pesticide Risk Reduction Program issue its Call for Proposals?
A4. The Program does not issue one large Call for Proposals. When project requirements are identified, they are posted throughout the year at

Q5: I can no longer see the Crop Profile documents on your website. Where can I obtain these for my personal use?
A5: You can request a pdf of the profile documents from the PMC: or you can download them in pdf format from the Government of Canada Publications website

Q6: I am a Canadian grower and wish to obtain a biological control agent for use on my land. Where can I get these products?
A6. Please contact your provincial integrated pest management specialist for information on where to obtain this and other reduced risk pest control products.

Q7: What are beneficial pest management practices (BMPs)?
A7. BMPs are farm management practices that minimize risks to the environment by maintaining or improving the quality of soil, water, and air. Using BMPs help farmers to ensure the long-term sustainability of natural resources used in agricultural production.

Q8: I need help to keep my lawn healthy, without the use of chemicals. Where do I find information?
A8: The Pest Management Regulatory Agency at Health Canada has a useful website for Healthy Lawns.

Q9: I am a Canadian grower and wish to enrol in the incentive program for adopting beneficial management practices. Who do I contact?
A9. Many of AAFC's incentive programs are administered through the provinces and territories. Please contact your provincial or territorial department of agriculture for further information.

Q10: I am looking for data on crop production and food consumption. Who do I contact?
A10: Please contact Statistics Canada who handles the collection of data.

Q11: I am a buyer/seller and am looking for commodity import and export information as well as the latest crop prices?
A11. Please visit AAFC's Agri-Food Trade Services for market information, trade counselling, and export support activities.

Q12: I want to import cheaper pesticides from the U.S. How do I find out if that is possible?
A12: Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has a Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) Import Program, where certain products can be imported if they are identical to the Canadian version.
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