Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre

Symbol of the Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre (CMCDC)

The Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre (MCDC) was established in 1993 under a ten-year agreement among the Government of Canada, the Government of Manitoba, and Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre Inc. (MHPEC). Operations continue under the name Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre (CMCDC) and a five-year (2013-2018) agreement under the Growing Forward 2 policy framework.

The Centre's mission in brief is to develop agronomic solutions to enhance crop diversification and support sustainable water management. Its program/outcome areas are broadly classified as:

  1. Partnerships and Communication,
  2. Water Supply and Irrigation,
  3. Potato Industry Support (applied research and technology transfer),
  4. Environment, and
  5. Crop Diversification.

Each of the parties to the Agreement committed to specific annual contributions of resources to the Centre operation. Most development and infrastructure costs, and some operating costs for the first few years, were provided for by Western Economic Diversification (WED) Canada through MHPEC.

Canada's support, provided through the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, includes four staff positions, infrastructure support, and support services.

Manitoba's commitment is met through provision of one full-time staff position, part-time support from other Manitoba staff (technology transfer), and an annual contribution toward operating costs.

MHPEC Inc. is a consortium formed by the two Manitoba French-fry processors (Simplot Canada Inc. and McCain Foods [Canada] Ltd.), and Keystone Potato Producers Association (the processing potato growers association). The MHPEC members support MHPEC through direct cash contributions, which are expended in support of the CMCDC program for supplies, staff, and services.

All partners in CMCDC actively participate in the Centre management and program advisory committees. Input from other industry and stakeholder representatives is also obtained at annual advisory meetings.

Symbol of the Government of Canada, Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre (MHPEC) Incorporated, and Symbol of the Government of Manitoba
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