Advance Payments Program - 2. How much can I receive?

2. How much can I receive?

Under the Advance Payments Program (APP), you may be eligible to receive up to $400,000 per program year, with:

Your cash advance is calculated based on up to 50% of the anticipated value of the eligible agricultural products that you are producing or have in storage. You cannot have more than $400,000 in advances outstanding at any one time.

What do I need as security for an advance?

Your advance must be secured. The security required will depend on the type and state of the agricultural product at the time you apply.

The advance amount you are eligible to receive will be limited by the level of security you are able to provide.

If you are declared in default, the security, including assigned program payments, may be used to pay off your advance.

For more information on acceptable forms of security, you should contact your Advance Payment Program Administrators.

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