Dairy Farm Investment Program: After you apply

Step 5. After you apply

Service standards

Once an application has been submitted, an acknowledgment notice will be forwarded to the applicant. Note: An applicant should not consider their application as submitted to the program until they receive the acknowledgement notice.

  1. Respond to general inquiries made to our phone number or email address before the end of the next business day
  2. Acknowledge receipt of your application within 1 business day
  3. Assess your application and send you an approval or a rejection notification letter within 100 business days of receiving a fully complete application package
  4. Send you a payment within 30 business days of receipt of a duly completed and documented claim. This is applicable only if an agreement is signed

Our goal is to achieve our service standards a minimum of 80% of the time under normal circumstances.

Please note that the submission of an application creates no obligation on the part of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to provide funding for the proposed project.

Report on Dairy Farm Investment Program

As of August 10, 2018, 1,767 projects have been approved under the Dairy Farm Investment Program.

Review of applications is on-going. This table will be updated every two weeks.

Province Number of projects Funding
Alberta 92 $8,827,934.38
British Columbia 151 $8,293,353.45
Manitoba 42 $3,955,998.39
New Brunswick 37 $2,414,589.18
Newfoundland and Labrador 1 $56,604.05
Nova Scotia 50 $2,745,197.86
Ontario 507 $34,744,377.23
Prince Edward Island 36 $1,121,247.04
Quebec 831 $41,976,136.09
Saskatchewan 20 $1,415,456.50
Total 1,767 $105,550,894.17
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