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Due to technical difficulties, not all of our map products under Current Conditions Agroclimate Maps are up-to-date. Generally, the daily products are current to August 2, 2018; archived products are not affected. We will provide a status update on or by August 21. For more information, please contact us.

Drought Watch provides timely information on weather and climate relevant to the agricultural sector in Canada. Find current and historic weather and climate conditions, view impacts to agriculture, find information on livestock tax deferrals and learn about ways to help manage your farm during drought conditions.

Services and information

Agroclimate Maps
Find hundreds of maps that show current and historic precipitation and temperature levels, and more.

Canadian Drought Monitor
View the extent and intensity of drought across Canada using a variety of interactive tools. For example, see current and historic conditions across time.

Satellite Soil Moisture
View soil moisture levels across Canada to see where conditions are wetter or drier than normal. Historical soil moisture maps and data are also available.

Agroclimate Impact Reporter
View the impacts of weather and climate on agriculture. Report on how conditions are affecting your farm.

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Livestock Tax Deferral Provision
View a map and list of areas currently eligible by year. Learn more about the livestock tax deferral provision.

Managing Agroclimate Risk
Read about how to prepare for and manage crops, livestock and land during drought conditions.

Related Links
Find additional resources for agroclimate monitoring, analysis and forecasting.

2017 Review of Agroclimate Conditions Across Canada
Read about weather conditions and the impacts on agriculture during the 2017 growing season.

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For more information on Drought Watch, please contact us by email at droughtwatch@agr.gc.ca, or by phone at:

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Manager - National Agroclimate Information Service
Telephone: 306-523-6791

Trevor Hadwen
Agroclimate Specialist
Telephone: 306-523-6796

TDD/TTY: 613-773-2600

For media enquiries, please contact Media Relations.

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