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Getting that crunchy juicy goodness from apples is actually all about science. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers develop new apple varieties that have better disease resistance and cold hardiness and keep their taste and food value for a longer time.

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Video Transcript

[Fun, energetic background music.]

[Green background. An apple falls from above to land on a plate.]

Text on screen: The Apple

Male narrator:
You chose an apple. Awesome!

[Text flies off screen to the right and the camera zooms into the apple.]

When you think about an apple...

[Hand enters from left and takes the apple off the plate.] think about biting into it.

[The sound of someone biting into an apple is heard from off screen.]

[Hand re-enters from left and puts the apple back on the plate. There is a bite missing from the apple.]

The crispness, the juiciness, and the great flavour.

[The apple and the plate fly off the screen from the bottom and are replaced by a stylized farm. There is an apple tree in the background. We see three different apples sitting on a conveyor belt leading into a bright red barn.]

And while these things are a guarantee if you pick an apple off the tree...

[A fourth, then fifth apple pops up on the conveyor belt, moving the others into the barn.]

...getting that crunchy, juicy goodness from apples you buy in the store...

[More and more apples pop up on the conveyor pushing more apples into the barn.] actually all about science.

[Scene dissolves and changes to a different view of apples on a conveyor belt. This time the apples are being examined under a microscope. Scientific information is displayed beside each apple, one at a time.]

At Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, we've been studying apples for 125 years. Working on early and late season apples, red, green, yellow, and everything in between.

[An old photograph of people picking apples in an orchard flies into the frame from the upper right corner and comes to rest in the centre of the frame.]

Back in 1936, we developed one of the tastiest, hardiest apples on the market today...

[Photograph dissolves to reveal a Spartan apple in front of a Canadian flag.]

...the Spartan.

[A stethoscope appears and lands on the apple, as if the apple were at the doctor's office.]

We studied disease resistance and cold hardiness. After all, this is Canada and we need to help farmers deal with our tough climate...

[The stethoscope leaves the frame. A blue umbrella pops open to cover the apple.]

...and unpredictable weather.

[The apple disappears and is replaced by a sprouting plant in a square brown container.]

Our research team evaluates over 30,000 seedlings each year.

[The plant and container are multiplied to represent the number of seedlings evaluated each year.]

Text on screen: 30,000 seedlings each year

That's how we develop new varieties that keep their taste and nutritional value for a longer time.

[The seedlings disappear and are replaced by a static photo of a bushel of apples.]

We've even developed new storage technologies that allow apples to stay fresh...

[A calendar appears on screen. The pages turn quickly so we can see the months flying by.]

...for much longer periods of time...

[The calendar exits the screen.]

...slowing down their ripening process so that they're just right when you...

[The same hand as before enters the frame from left and grabs an apple out of the bushel.]

...take a bite.

[The sound of someone taking a bite out of an apple is heard off screen.]

[The bushel flies off screen to the right to reveal a cartoon farmer holding a basket of apples. He is standing in front of a static photograph of an apple orchard.]

Apples are much more than just another fruit. They're a symbol of Canadian agricultural quality and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is committed...

[The farmer flies off screen and is replaced by another bushel of apples sitting on the map of Canada.] making sure our apples are among the best in the world. Now before you actually sample that apple, try picking another item to learn some more interesting facts about science and healthy food.

[Fun, energetic background music fades out.]

[Fade to black.]

Text on screen: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Text on screen: © Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2011.

[Canada wordmark]

[Fade to black.]

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