Check out Bread!

It's not just wheat but a variety of grains, including barley and oats, that contribute to Canada's bread and butter. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers develop grains with higher yields, better disease and pest resistance, increased straw strength and other improved qualities. Their science efforts have helped make Canada the largest exporter of spring wheat and oats.

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Video Transcript

[Fun, energetic background music.]

[Green background. A steaming loaf of bread falls from above to land on a cutting board.]

Text on screen: Bread

Male narrator:
Great job! You picked a loaf of bread. Bread is as old as time itself and the grains that are in that bread are as Canadian as you can get.

[Loaf of bread dissolves and is replaced by a waving wheat field (zipping noise fades in).]

Key ingredients of this bread have been developed, grown and harvested here in partnership with our farmers and the scientists of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for 125 years.

[The wheat field scene dissolves and is replaced by a stylized red barn with a conveyor belt going through the barn doors. We can see a bowl of grain and bags of grain.]

Together we’ve worked hard to breed crops of wheat...

Text on screen: wheat


Text on screen: barley


Text on screen: oats

...and other grains with better yields, natural disease and pest resistance so farmers can manage crops efficiently.

[Every few seconds the conveyor belt moves towards the barn, allowing more bags and bowls of grain to pop up at the beginning of the conveyor belt.]

[The conveyor belt scene dissolves and is replaced by a red silo (entering from the left) and a red freight train (entering from the right and stopping at centre screen). There is a wheat field in the foreground.]

Text on screen (silo): Marquis: Made in Canada

Text on screen (side of train compartment): Marquis: Product of Canada

[The sound of a train engine is heard off screen.]

Marquis wheat, developed by our scientists way back in the earliest days of the 20th century...

[Wheat is being transferred from the silo to the train compartment.]

[A photograph of a wheat field drops from above and is superimposed over the silo, train and wheat field image]

...really kick started Canada’s prominence as a grain grower. Through seed breeding, scientists look...

[The photograph of a wheat field disappears. The silo, train and wheat field image remains.]

...for genetic traits such as faster ripening and resistance to strong winds.

[The transferring of wheat from the silo to the train stops.]

[The sound of a train engine and whistle is heard off screen. The train exits the screen to the right.]

They say this hard, red, spring wheat did as much as the railroad to open up the Canadian prairies for settlers eager to farm the land.

[A red barn with a wheat plants in the foreground is superimposed on a map of Canada. The wheat plants are distributed across the prairies (on a green background). More wheat plants pop up across the prairies.]

[The barn scene dissolves and is replaced by a stalk of oats and tweezers (on white background).]

So, what’s cooking in our research labs? We’re developing varieties of oats...

[The tweezers pick an oat seed off the stalk and releases it. The seed seems to float in midair.]

...that can help people manage blood sugar levels...

Text on screen: manage blood sugar (pointing at the seed)

...and lower their cholesterol naturally.

Text on screen: lower cholesterol (pointing at seed)

[The seed disappears and is replaced by a red barn and silo on the left, a wheat field to the right of the barn and an animation of a man standing in the middle of the wheat field hold two stalks of wheat.]

Outside the lab we’re right in the field. Our scientists are helping farmers find better ways...

[The frame moves to the right. Another man appears in the middle of the wheat field. He is collecting samples in a test tube.] prepare the soil...

[A shovel appears in the background with a wheat field the foreground.]

...grow the grain crops...

[A watering can (with water pouring out) appears in the background with a wheat field the foreground.]

...and get them to market so that your bakery can get that loaf of bread ready for you.

[Bags of grain appear in the background. A deliver van with Market Fresh Bakery on its side panel and a giant loaf of bread on its roof appears on the right. The bags of grain are thrown into the back of the delivery van. The sound of a car horn is heard off screen. The van drives off the screen to the right.]

Our research is important.

[The van scene dissolves and is replaced by a steaming loaf of bread falling from above to land onto a cutting board.]

No matter how you slice it.

[A slice of bread falls of the steaming loaf of bread.]

Pick something else.

[Fun, energetic background music fades out.]

[Fade to black.]

Text on screen: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Text on screen: © Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2011.

[Canada wordmark]

[Fade to black.]

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