Check out Canola Oil!

Canola is a Canadian science success story, providing billions of dollars in farm revenue annually. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers helped develop this crop as a low-cholesterol cooking oil 40 years ago and today they focus on finding novel uses for canola and developing strategies to manage diseases affecting this important crop.

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Video Transcript

[Fun, energetic background music.]

[Light green background. A bottle of oil falls from above to land in the middle of the screen.]

Text on screen: Canola

Male narrator:
You've chosen a bottle of canola oil.

[The bottle disappears. The spout of the bottle reappears at the top of the screen. A drop of canola oil falls out of the bottle.]

Canada's liquid gold!

[The spout disappears off screen. The drop of oil is enlarged to fill more of the screen. A white encircles the drop of oil giving the impression that it is being examined.]

In fact, this product provides billions of dollars in farm revenue in Canada annually.

Text on screen: billions in revenue

It's an amazing success story.

[The drop of oil disappears off screen. It is replaced by the same bottle of oil that we saw on screen at the beginning of the video.]

Canola's predecessor was used for making lamp oil and lubricant for steam engines...

[The bottle of oil moves aside to make room for a lantern and a very old steam engine.]

...but, in 1974...

[The bottle of oil, the lantern, and the steam engine fly off the screen. They are replaced by a stylized red barn with a conveyor belt going through the barn doors. We can see containers with canola seeds as well as a metal tin labeled as canola oil. Every few seconds the conveyor belt moves towards the barn, allow more canola products to pop up at the beginning of the conveyor belt.]

...Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, working with our research partners and farming community, turned it into a valuable field crop that’s used in homes around the world as a low cholesterol cooking oil.

[The barn and the conveyor belt fade out. They are replaced by the same metal tin of canola oil that we saw on the conveyor belt. The tin of oil is surrounded by beakers filled with oil, other bottles of oil, containers with whole canola seeds, and some canola flowers. The camera pans right as the narrator is talking.]

This is a story of patient research, partnerships, and imagination. We knew that we had a climate that would support this crop, and we worked for 30 years to produce what is now the only real challenger to wheat as Canada's most valuable field crop.

[The array of bottles and beakers fly out the bottom of the screen. They are replaced by a cartoon map of Canada that flies in from the top of the screen. There are two containers filled with whole canola seeds sitting on the map. The area of Canada that produces canola is represented by yellow canola flowers.]

Today, we focus on disease management strategies...

[Two still photos of canola fields in full bloom fall onto the map.]

...optimizing production, and developing a gene bank of canola strains that will help the future development of this valuable crop.

[The two still photos fly out the top of the screen to reveal the map underneath. The map falls out the bottom of the screen. The bottle of canola oil that we saw at the beginning of the video drops into the frame to fill the space.]

Oh, and by the way, canola doesn't just help out in the kitchen...

[White, circular lines appear around the bottle giving it the impression that it is being examined.]'s used in cosmetics...

Text on screen: cosmetics

...printing inks....

Text on screen: inks

...fabrics, lubricants...

Text on screen: fabrics. lubricants.

...and a key ingredient in clean-burning biodiesel.

Text on screen: fuel

[The text on screen and the white, circular lines disappear. The bottle of canola comes closer to the camera.]

Amazing! Pick another item and let's see what's going on.

[Fun, energetic background music fades out.]

[Fade to black.]

Text on screen: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Text on screen: © Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2011.

[Canada wordmark]

[Fade to black.]

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