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Oats are a versatile grain. Not only are they are great source of vitamins and fibre in food, they are also a healthy ingredient in skin products. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers have played an important role in making Canadian oats a healthy success.

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Video Transcript

[fun, rhythmic background music]

[Green background. A hand enters the frame holding a bottle of moisturizer.]

You've chosen skin cream! Did you know that the soothing effects of that skin cream come from oats?

[The hand shakes slightly and the bottle of moisturizer transforms into oats. The hand flies off the screen to reveal a word and two grains of oats.]

Text on screen: Oats

[A box of oatmeal enters from the right of the frame. At the same time, a bowl of cooked oatmeal enters from the left side of the frame.]

Yes, oats – the grain found in many breakfast cereals.

[fun, rhythmic background music continues]

[The box of oatmeal and bowl of oatmeal fly off frame and reveal a farmer standing in a field of oats.]

Farmers love to grow oats.

[The landscape shifts to reveal another farmer, also standing in a field of oats. There is a red barn and a combine behind him. In front of him we see a thermometer that indicates a low temperature.]

It's a crop that grows well in our cool climate.

[The landscape shifts again to reveal a grain plant with a conveyor belt leading into it. There are bags of oats going into the plant.]

Canada is the third largest producer of oats in the world.

[The scene fades out and is replaced by a grey background. A close up of oats appears on screen. A pair of tweezers enters the frame and plucks one of the oats from the plant and brings it closer for us to see.]

At Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, our scientists have discovered new uses for oats. They found that oat bran contains a natural compound called avenanthramides. Tough to say. Easy on the skin. It's an anti-inflammatory.

[Words being to appear on screen.]

Text on screen: Endosperm. Germ. Bran. Avenanthramides.

[A bottle of moisturizer and a stack of bars of soap appear on screen.]

It's why skin creams and soaps with oatmeal are soothing for dry and itchy skin.

[The scene fades out to reveal the green background from the beginning of the video.]

[We see a scientist on screen and oats being poured into a grey machine. A drop of liquid comes out of the machine after the oats have been loaded in.]

But the levels of naturally occurring avenanthramides in the bran are very low. That used to mean that extracting enough of it to make a skin-soothing product was costly.

[More oats are loaded into the machine. The machine appears to work harder this time and more drops of liquid are produced. Text also appears on screen.]

Text on screen: New & Improved

But, our scientists developed a new malting process to increase the naturally occurring levels by two thousand, three hundred percent.

[We're now back out in a field of oats. There is a scientist in the field holding test tubes. Text appears on screen.}

Text on screen: VAO 22

And we didn't stop there. We bred a new variety of oat, called VAO-22.

[The field moves down to reveal two oats in the sky.]

It has a slightly rounder shape, making it easier to extract avenanthramides for skin products.

[The field comes back up and the oats in the sky disappear. The grain plant from the beginning of the video reappears. There are now two conveyor belts. Bags are being filled with oats and taken into the plant on one conveyor, and products containing oats exit on the other conveyor.]

All this has helped to create new products and markets for Canadian oats. People around the world use skin care products containing oats grown and processed in Canada.

[The scene dissolves to reveal the green background. We also see two women, one is holding a baby. A hand enters the frame and scoops moisturizer out of a tub. The hand then rubs the moisturizer on the baby's head. ]

Babies especially like it for their skin.

[The scene flies off the left of the screen. We can now see the entire family around the kitchen table. There are three bowls of oatmeal on the table.]

And, of course, oats are great for breakfast.

[The camera zooms into the mother and baby. They are both smiling.]

Oats – Thanks to Canadian agricultural science, they make you shine on the inside and the outside. Now choose another product.

[The scene fades out and is replaced by a black screen.]

[fun, rhythmic background music fades out]

Text on screen: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada.

Text on screen: © Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2014.

[The Canada wordmark appears with the animated waving Canadian flag.]

[Fade to black.]

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