Scientific Cooperation with China

Canada and China have a well-established science and technology cooperation relationship in agriculture, which evolved from large-scale development assistance projects in the 1980s. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has hosted numerous Chinese scientists and students at our research centres, and exchanged knowledge and information through seminars, workshops, joint projects and other forms of collaboration.

Priorities with China

Based on the past successful cooperation between the two countries, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has identified the following four agricultural science and technology priority areas for its future cooperation with China:

  • Genetics and Genomics;
  • Crop pests and diseases;
  • Agri-Food; and
  • Sustainable production systems.

Targeted collaboration

AAFC actively engages Chinese government departments and agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs as well as Chinese academies and universities in numerous activities to advance mutually beneficial science, technology and trade interests which include:

  • the Canada-China Joint Committee (CCJC) on Science and Technology, an initiative led by the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development for Canada, and the Ministry of Science and Technology for China. Senior officials from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada serve as co-chair of the "Agricultural Foods and Bio-Products" sector of the CCJC, where joint activities on genetics/genomics, agri-food, sustainable agriculture and exchange of scientific talent are developed and launched;
  • working groups on pest management and sustainable agriculture under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) established between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and China's Ministry of Agriculture; and
  • coordination with other government departments, provinces, government agencies such as Genome Canada, and when appropriate, with private sector entities from both countries.

International Scientific Exchanges

Every year, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's 19 research centres host scientists and graduate students from China.

Between 2006 and 2014, we hosted more than 200 PhD students and over 100 visiting scientists.

These exchanges advance work of importance to Canada and China as evidenced by the fact that since 2006, AAFC scientists have co-authored more than 1,000 scientific publications with Chinese scientists.


In 2014, we launched the Canada-China Agriculture Science Network, a virtual forum that brings together Canadian and Chinese agricultural scientists and collaborators. This network facilitates communication and initiates dialogues between Canadian and Chinese scientists, and explores opportunities for joint collaborations.

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