Research projects (Ottawa Research and Development Centre)

The Ottawa Research and Development Centre (Ottawa RDC) conducts innovation research, development and technology transfer activities relevant to four of the nine Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Science Strategies.

Cereal and pulse; Oilseeds

Crop improvement research develops sustainable cereal and oilseed production systems for Canada and especially Eastern Canada. This involves expertise in crop breeding and genetics, genomics, physiology, agronomy, pathology, quality evaluation and mycotoxin chemistry to strengthen the linkages along the value chain (production, processing, consumption), improve food attributes and address threats especially those that can affect human health (mycotoxins, heavy metal accumulation).

Agro-ecosystem productivity and health

Research is conducted to enhance the environmental performance of agricultural production systems, and to maintain or access new international markets. Research includes:

Biodiversity and bioresources

Biodiversity research includes assessing agricultural biodiversity (vascular plants, fungi, bacteria, insects, arachnids, nematodes), identifying emerging risks, and assessing impact on international trade and regulatory compliance. Biosystematics research on organisms critical to Canadian agriculture (new and existing crops, their relatives; weeds; pests, beneficial and biocontrol insects, arachnids and nematodes; plant diseases and plant-enhancing fungi; animal pathogens and plant-growth-promoting bacteria) helps to protect crop production and contribute to crop diversification.

Current research projects at Ottawa
Project number Lead researcher Project title Budget* Duration: start Duration: end
J-000048 Seifert, Keith EmTOX: Research network on emerging mycotoxins of potential importance for Canadian agriculture and regulation of domestic commodities and international trade $1,932,000.00 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000277 Cloutier, Sylvie J. Abiotic stress-transcription factors $124,500.01 2014-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000279 Cloutier, Sylvie J. Genetic improvement of drought tolerance in flax $207,708.00 2014-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000321 Choo, Thin Meiw Improving malting barley production in eastern Canada, cultivar and germplasm development $83,000.00 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000349 Ma, Baoluo Investigating tolerance of canola genotypes to heat and drought stresses, and root traits estimation by electrical capacitance $545,885.00 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000353 Ma, Baoluo Canola rotation studies $163,183.00 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000395 Khanizadeh, Shahrokh Development of improved spring wheat cultivars with enhanced disease and pest resistance, higher nutritional benefits and better market appeal and grain quality for eastern and central Canada $658,250.98 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000404 Humphreys, Gavin Hard red winter wheat breeding for eastern Canada $430,225.00 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000412 Ouellet, Thérèse Identification of expression QTLs (eQTLs) for Fusarium head blight resistance and susceptibility in wheat $175,355.03 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000414 Fedak, George Enhancing resistance to Fusarium head blight and stem rust in Ontario spring wheat $159,929.68 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000503 Pietrzak, Lukasz Evaluation of RGCQ material $23,230.00 2013-07-03 2018-03-31
J-000519 Humphreys, Gavin Ontario Cereal Crops Committee (OCCC) $87,871.00 2013-12-06 2018-03-31
J-000977 Mason, Peter Invertebrate systematics to support agriculture $1,411,000.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000985 Levesque, Andre Next generation sequencing – Genomics and metagenomics of quarantine fungal and bacterial crop pathogens $708,750.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001010 Singh, Jas Mutating ABC transporters to develop disease resistance in crops $117,600.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001012 Hambleton, Sarah Mycology and bacteriology biosystematics – filling gaps in agricultural fungal and bacterial biodiversity $1,704,000.00 2015-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001029 Martin, Sara Gene flow, diversity and relationships within the brassicaceae: Focus on camelina $339,000.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001032 Subramaniam, Rajagopal Dynamics of microbial population in wheat heads during Fusarium infection $226,999.55 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001035 Diederichsen, Axel Conservation, documentation and utilization of Canadian bioresource collections for resilient agriculture $1,410,017.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001045 Chipanshi, Aston Improved crop growth metrics for risks and yield forecasting $233,500.00 2015-01-05 2018-03-31
J-001049 Davidson, Andrew Using satellite-based earth observation to develop the next generation of environmental sustainability indicators for market access $275,000.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001066 Fregeau-Reid, Judith Agreement on cereal testing screening of bread wheat genetic lines $8,100.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001098 Fregeau-Reid, Judith Screening of SEMICAN bread wheat genetic lines $4,500.00 2015-03-31 2018-03-30
J-001263 Macklin, James GRDI shared project – Metagenomics based ecosystem biomonitoring $2,871,750.00 2016-04-01 2021-03-31
J-001267 Cober, Elroy Moving soybean to western Canada by PIPE (protein-protein interaction prediction engine): A bioinformatics approach to identify new early maturity alleles in soybean $76,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001283 Schmidt, Christian Arthropod systematics research in support of Canadian agriculture $600,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001284 Gleddie, Steve Defined health attributes associated with specific Canadian soybean seeds $242,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001289 Darbyshire, Stephen Diagnostics, identification and characterization of attributes of agriculturally important plants: Crop/weed species complexes and invasive plants $120,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001304 Savitch, Leonid Photosynthetic cold stress tolerance for sustainable soybean production in western Canada $119,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001309 Simmonds, Daina Genetic control of resistance to sclerotinia sclerotiorum in soybean and brassica $106,000.00 2016-04-04 2019-03-31
J-001315 Stefani, Franck Biosystematics of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: Molecular and morphological diversity $75,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001335 Davidson, Andrew Science, data and infrastructure for analyzing and forecasting agricultural risks using remote sensing and geospatial information $263,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001345 Subramaniam, Rajagopal Plant steroids: A gateway to enhance yield and stress tolerance in cereals $97,650.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001364 Lessard, Carl Optimizing of vitrification and surgical transfer of gonads to protect the genetic diversity of Canadian poultry $120,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001371 Smith, Tyler Impacts of pollinator pathogens and floral diversity on maintaining a diverse pollination strategy for sustainable lowbush blueberry production $525,111.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001372 Cloutier, Sylvie.J Expanding the genetic biodiversity of wheat by pre-breeding $409,950.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001393 Robert, Laurian Managing crop reproduction – Part II $121,700.00 2016-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001417 Kloschinsky, Linda Science Management Solution (SMS) improvements $757,000.00 2016-04-01 2018-05-31
J-001434 Bareil, Anne-Michelle Open Science $40,000.00 2016-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001549 Malouin, Christian Canada-China Joint Committee (CCJC) Action Plan 2016-2018 $426,000.00 2016-09-30 2019-03-31
J-001556 Macklin, James Biodiversity data mobilisation WP3 Data Integration and Information Sharing $615,084.00 2017-01-01 2022-03-31
J-001557 Lybaert, Anissa Biodiversity data mobilisation WP1 Collection Data Capture and Imaging $6,643,680.00 2017-01-01 2022-03-31
J-001564 Dettman, Jeremy Biological collections data mobilization – WP2: Molecular characterization $7,401,295.00 2017-01-01 2022-03-31
J-001578 Jobin, Tristan Development and demonstration of integrated management practices for Colorado potato beetle $42,000.00 2017-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001580 Harris, Linda Targeting resistance and susceptibility genes and dissecting infection mechanisms through genomics for durable Fusarium and rust resistance in cereals $1,144,509.50 2017-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001584 Tinker, Nick Genetic and epigenetic variants of Canadian cereal crops for breeding and functional analysis $1,072,000.00 2017-04-01 2019-03-31
*: The budget amount represents the forecast total project costs (not actual spending), including any offsets by revenues received from outside agencies/partners. It includes operations and maintenance funds used to purchase goods or services. It does not include salary dollars for staff working on the projects or any grant or contribution funds provided to outside partners for work on the projects.
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