Research projects (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Research and Development Centre)

The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Research and Development Centre (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu RDC) supports innovation, research, development and technology transfer activities relevant to one of the nine Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Sector Science Strategies.


The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu RDC supports early detection, monitoring and characterization of bio-aggressors in spatial, temporal and quantitative terms in order to assess the risk they pose. It uses detection, quantification and forecasting tools to anticipate problems and develop crop protection strategies.

The Centre uses information derived from technology to make decisions. It uses high-spatial-density and temporal data, including climate and remote sensing data. It uses precision and input management to optimize activities in a mosaic of diverse and intensive horticultural crops.

Current research projects at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Project number Lead researcher Project title Budget* Duration: start Duration: end
J-000296 VanderZaag, Andrew Water footprint assessment and optimization for Canadian dairy farms (sustainable milk production) $23,573.00 2013-11-01 2017-12-31
J-000978 Shang, Jiali Near-real-time monitoring and reporting of crop growth and harvest information over Canada's agricultural land using Earth observation technology $380,000.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000981 Carisse, Odile Improving identification and understanding of new genotypes of a major pathogen, Botrytis spp. (gray mould and leaf and flower blights), that poses a threat to Canadian agriculture $179,550.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000993 Bourgeois, Gaétan Detection and modelling of the brown marmorated stink bug in eastern Canada $157,450.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-30
J-000996 Toussaint, Vicky Characterization of agricultural microbiota to monitor the effect of environmental perturbations on biodiversity and pest incidence. $555,975.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-000997 VanderZaag, Andrew Invent-2020: Building a better methane emission inventory for manure management using an agri-ecosystem approach $340,000.00 2015-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001278 Gregorich, Ed Managing carbon to promote soil productivity, health, and biodiversity in Canadian farmlands $462,584.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001285 Bourgeois, Gaétan Conceptualization and validation of the effects of non-optimal temperatures on trophic interactions in horticultural crops in the context of climate variability $175,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001298 Bélair, Guy Integrated pest management of the stem and bulb nematode, Ditylenchus dipsaci $250,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001300 Charles, Marie Thérèse Preharvest UV-C treatment as an environmentally friendly approach for diseases control during growth and improvement of postharvest quality of greenhouse vegetables $185,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001306 Carisse, Odile Development of a conceptual framework for designing Integrated Pest Management strategies $23,625.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001310 Tremblay, Nicolas Spatio-temporal parameters governing optimal N rate determination $208,253.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001318 Pattey, Elizabeth Enhance the sustainability of rainfed field crop and forage production by quantifying and modelling N2O and NH3 emissions and N and P leaching in response to beneficial management practices $673,934.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001320 Simard, Marie-Josée Early detection, monitoring and management of herbicide resistant weeds in field vegetables $155,300.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001323 Mimee, Benjamin Genomic tools for the control of Heterodera glycines, an emerging pest of soybean $428,925.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001324 Laforest, Martin Monitoring and genetic analysis of herbicide resistant weeds in Canada $396,282.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001367 Lapen, David Goods and services and climate change adaptation of agroecosystems in Canada $792,818.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001340 Longchamps, Louis Precision screening from the field scale to the regional scale $89,271.00 2016-04-01 2018-03-31
J-001383 Geng, Xiaoyuan New digital approaches of soil and agricultural land use data development and integration: Canadian land productivity modelling case $362,000.00 2016-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001573 Jobin, Tristan Development and demonstration of integrated management of tarnished plant bug in day-neutral strawberry production $51,188.00 2017-04-01 2019-03-31
J-001574 Carisse, Odile Integrated management of Botrytis grey mould in greenhouse tomato incorporating the biopesticide Botector® $79,905.00 2017-04-01 2019-03-30
J-001586 McNairn, Heather Support the development of the proposed crop growth stage estimation tool $220,000.00 2016-11-01 2018-03-31
*: The budget amount represents the forecast total project costs (not actual spending), including any offsets by revenues received from outside agencies/partners. It includes operations and maintenance funds used to purchase goods or services. It does not include salary dollars for staff working on the projects or any grant or contribution funds provided to outside partners for work on the projects.
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